The Neck - a Staged Reading

Sometimes writing gets put on the shelf, only to be dusted off years later then given a new life.

Dinner at the home of talented actors Tammy Isbell and Peter Outerbridge led to stories about my time living in Bear River Nova Scotia. After tales of eccentrics and local colour, Tammy said, "Oh my God, you should write a script about your time there."

"I already have..."

And the rest, as they say, is history. Tammy asked to read it, loved it and together it was given a new life.

On Thursday we did a staged reading with some of the best actors in Canada (maybe even the world!) What a treat to hear my words given breath by such a roomful of talent.

The magic was evident - both on the stage and in the plotline!

Here are few pics, done by the talented photographer, Andy Wright, of that extraordinary night.

With Peter Outerbridge, Tammy Isbell, Aidan Devine, Lawrence Bayne, Camille Stopps, Anne Marie Sheffler, Cavanagh Matmor, Lynne Griffin, Chris Owens, Karl O'Donnohoe, Kate Hewlett


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