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Updated: Jan 18

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself! I managed to create this website on my own -- something I am quite sure a twelve year old could have done in one tenth the time! Why is this needed so late in the game? Because I have a new book coming out this year! Two White Queens and the One-Eyed Jack is being published with the notable publishing house, Dundurn Press! And a I have just finished shooting a lead in a feminist western movie to boot! I think I have started this third act if my life with renewed energy, creativity, and verve! And so, with a new lease on life, with resurrected inspiration, and the courage to speak out, I have embraced this changing world and created a website. Watch for upcoming bogs on the creative process, how I write, and, of course, updates and pictures of future shoots! Welcome to heidivonpalleske.... you can lose yourself here!

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MY RESUME Short stories are fast, But Alice has done them, Plays will not last, The public will shun them, Novels are endless, And sonnets, who cares? Writing is friendless, But nothing compares. #dun

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