And a little something from iconoclastic writer Mr. John Irving

Imagine my joy to receive an endorsement for TWO WHITE QUEENS AND THE ONE-EYED JACK from master story-teller, academy award-winner acclaimed writer John Irving! What a way to start the New Year.

"The story premise is perfect... A life-changing childhood accident, one that is formative of the adult lives to follow, is a testimony to D.H. Lawrence's view of the novel as 'the highest complex of subtle interrelatedness.' How the characters in this story are interconnected is a marvel of storytelling. This is a novel about the calamitous changes in history, in both personal and national history." John Irving

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So pleased with the following review from The Forward Magazine of Book Reviews. TWO WHITE QUEENS AND THE ONE-EYED JACK Heidi von Palleske Dundurn (Mar 9, 2021) Softcover $18.99 (304pp) 978-1-4597-4678

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