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Two White Queens and the One-Eyed Jack

October 3rd, 2020

A boy falls from a tree and loses his eye on a thorn bush. His body rejects the acrylic artificial eye he is given and so his mother must return to Germany, the only place that makes real glass eyes, and face a past she had run away from. From albino twins to glass eyes, from Punk Opera to the fall of the Berlin wall, this is book about sight and seeing. And love.

They Don't Run Red Trains Anymore

May 2017

A beautiful model disrobes and poses in a life drawing class and changes the life and emotional core of a young sculptor. S a sexy and philosophical look into art and the artist. This novel could well have been called, The Portrait of the artist as a YOung Woman. Winner of the prestigious HR Percy award.

The Neck - a TV dramedy

June, 2021 (in development)

A woman, from away, inherits a huge Victorian house on The Digby Neck from a birth mother she never knew she had.   Fairies, a family curse and the lobster wars involve her as she struggles to return to her old life.

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